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The Secret of Younger Looking Complexion

Are you tired everyday?

If you do so, you should read this.

Many customers who suffer chronic fatigue have dull complexion or dark circles also. Because if your inside is not good, it appears on your skin.

To have better complexion, you should fix inside and make hormone balance first in this case for the results.

As you can see the below, Harvard recommends to eat like that for healthy life.

Can you eat like that everyday?

Most of people can't do that including me. I'm a heavy eater and love pork with Soju. I try to eat pork just once a week or every 2 weeks but it's hard to control.

Anyways, even if you can't take three meals like Harvard study, you don't have to worry because there is an easy way.

Just take multivitamins.

Then what kinds of multivitamins you should choose?

1. Higher Vitamin B

2. Natural Vitamin E which means D-ALPHA-TOCOPHERYL, Not DL-ALPHA-TOCOPHERYL

There is a report that it increases your chances of heart disease if you take synthetic Vitamin E much.

<Natural Vitamin E> <Synthetic Vitamin E>

3. Eat Breakfast. Just eat something after getting up. It helps you a lot.

If you don't provide active energy to brain and organs in the morning, you will be tired more and more and it causes overeating, obesity.

I just mix organic berry mix, banana, 1 spoon of plain Greek yogurt, 1 tea spoon of organic flex oil in a blender and drink it.

It's really easy to make (less than 5min) and great beauty shake.

4. Take some refreshments or snack at 4:00pm. You can make hormone balance and prevent overeating at dinner also.

5. Sleep between 10:00pm ~ 2:00am. It's a cell regeneration time for healing your skin, muscles and boosting immune system.

Vitamin D is also very important. If you stay inside most of the day, you may have Vitamin D deficiency.

Taking some pork, particularly pork shoulder which contains a lot of Vitamin E and amino acids, helps to recover your fatigue and increasing muscle is important also.

It looks hard but it's simple.

Eat breakfast & healthy food, Take multivitamins, Sleep before 12:00 at night.

You can't be healthy and have beautiful skin without any efforts.

However if you have health habit in your life, it will be easy.

Start to keep your beauty with Oasis, today. Fast and Easy, Gorgeous skin in a few weeks!

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