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What is special about OASIS ACNE TREATMENT?

Destroy root cause of acne.

Acne is inflammation disease caused by the excessive production of sebum and bacteria in follicles. We destroy overgrown sebaceous glands and make favorable conditions for preventing a recurrence of acne.


OASIS Acne Targeting Treatment is specialized therapy for this process. 

Destroy root cause of acne

Much improvement in 10 weeks. 

OASIS Acne Targeting Treatment is composed of 10 sessions, which means treatment period will be 10 weeks. This package is organized systematically based on enough experience for acne treatment. 


It depends on skin condition, however, normally our customers see the results after 5 ~ 10 weeks. 

Destroy root cause of acne
Destroy root cause of acne

Safe & Fast, You don't have to take pills.

Which one is more important, Your skin or Your whole body? It is all patients suffering from side effects of taking medicine such as dryness of the lips, mouth, nose, skin or eye, itching, hair loss, joint pain and even deformity.  


OASIS Acne Targeting Treatment is stable, verified, harmless treatment.

Accutane can cause serious problems.

Fastest recovery with latest machine.

State of the art machine provides you high concentration of pure oxygen only without nitrogen to promote skin regeneration and stimulate collagen production for removing acne scars and damaged spots. Also it soothes down sensitive skin much faster and detox polluted skin from outside fine dust or pollutant.


Great home care program.

It is very important to follow home care program, 

particularly for acne skin. If you get a treatment here and do wrong products at home, you won't see the results and

will waste your money, also.


Our products are rigidly selected and made of harsh-free ingredients with reasonable price. 


Education & Regular Checkups.

We filter skin care products what you use and help to correct how to use or what to need for maintaining your skin condition healthier.  

Even if you don't know what to do for your skin, you don't have to worry. We will take care of you regularly and give you right direction after treatment. 

Destroy root cause of acne.


 "I've got acne treatments for 10 times now and I rarely have acne problems. My skin is more hydrating than ever!"


" I've got the acne package and now I see like 2 little ones, I've seen a SERIOUS difference in my skin. It built up my confidence ! 


"I've been suffering from chronic acne for over 3 years, I tried everything and it was same. But after getting treatment here, my skin is beautiful ever.

Now I'm free of clinic!" 


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