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cleansing & exfoliate - extraction - mask (30 minutes)

This treatment cleanses pores painlessly and deeply by spraying a specialized solution to clear all blackheads and wastes while a vacuum rapidly removes debris to unclog pores. (60 minutes)

√ maintenance 

√ excellent for irritated skin by ingrown hair

√ deep pore cleansing 

This treatment is the quickest and most effective way to control millet seed acne and clear the skin. (75 minutes)

√ popular 

√ mild or tiny millet seed pimples

 redness & sensitive skin

 no down time

You will see rapid treatment of acne lesions all over the face, no scarring, no systemic side effects and your skin appears refreshed and younger. 

Our signature treatment using the most dominant ionized products with a revolutionary system that increases the absorb ability of vitamins dramatically through ionzation. Up to 1000 times more effective than regular facials. (75~90 minutes)

Our products have been awarded the Swiss Vitamin Institute logo which verifies that the products tested contain the vitamin strength declared. 

√ popular 

√ excellent for brightening

√ excellent for anti-sun damaged spot & anti-aging 

This treatment is loved by customers who have been suffered with severe acne for a long time. (90~120 minutes)


√ severe cystic acne or large, red, and painful breakouts which can affect large areas of your skin and leave permanent scars.

 destroy root cause of severe acne

 extraction without any mark or scar

It will help your skin to regenerate and soak up the special stem cell serum from deeper layer. This treatment makes your skin much healthier and younger look especially for acne skin. (75~90 minutes)

√ popular 

√ excellent for anti-acne & scar  

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