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It's the Matter of Inside, Not Outside!

What do you make to purchase skincare products?

Brands? Packaging? Price? or Your friends' referral? Trends?

There are many factors of purchasing criteria for your self skincare at home, but many people buy skincare products by brands. Because, first of all, it looks good with affordable price or expensive price which makes you feel something different.

However, the bitter truth is that for the most part, cosmetic creams remained simple old-fashioned moisturizers offering dreams of youthful skin wrapped in progressively more modern and expensive containers.

I cannot say it's okay to ignore brands or packaging, but please be wise if you want to see the results because popular brands or expensive skincare product does not mean good or better.

Therefore, you should be more focus on inside of bottle than outside like ingredients or how it is made of, because everything is inside that makes your skin beautiful.

Here's why you should use professional home care products for your beautiful skin.

1. Sufficient active ingredients The products that are made for estheticians are more potent and have more active ingredients in them than over-the-counter products. Mass-market brands are produced in very large batches and often lack active ingredients. In addition, most manufacturers add preservatives to ensure long shelf-life. Many over-the-counter products are not even formulated to penetrate the skin barrier.

2. Better value Professional products focus on formulation and research, while mass-marketed cosmetic brands spend more time and resources on marketing, advertising, and packaging. Professional products are a better value, as the price you are paying is far more likely to go into the actual development of the product.

3. Maximum results during skincare

Proper care and usage of products maximize skincare results. It is important not to self-diagnose and to get the right diagnosis from a professional esthetician.

Using professional home care products in conjunction with regularly scheduled facial treatments lead to improvements in your skin’s texture, firmness, moisture, pigmentation, clarity, and can decrease redness/sensitivity and the visible aging of your skin for years to come.

Start to keep your beauty with Oasis, today. Fast and Easy, Gorgeous skin in a few weeks!

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