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Korean Celebs' Secret to Keep Skin Dewy

It's already chilly in the morning and evening, the sun goes down really fast around at 7:00 in California now.

It's a good thing for me because I'm very sensitive to heat and always struggling with triple digit temperature in summer season.

However, I feel my skin is drier than before at the same time. As the autumn is around corner, I want to introduce Korean celebrities tips for keeping dewy skin.

1. Remove makeup first.

Remove makeup first with remover and cleanse with a cleanser. This is called double cleansing, however some people do over triple cleansing. Too much cleansing causes your skin dry and roughen the skin.

2. Soothing/Moisturizing Mask, 2~3 times a week.

Applying sheet mask at home helps skin keep dewy. It soothes and gives nutrition to tired skin.

3. Rule 2-4-2-4

Drink 2L(0.5Gal) of water - Tapping for 4 sec after applying hydrating cream - Massage face line with 2 fists in the shower - Apply hydrating cream every 4 hours

4. Block UV rays thoroughly.

UVA which causes hyperpigmentation is stronger in Autumn, actually anytime in California. The importance of applying sunscreen cannot be emphasized enough.

Celebrities maintain their skin with their own different ways even with their busy schedule. However, they're focusing on cleansing, moisturizing, hydrating, blocking UV in common. Because those are basic and the most important regimen in skin care, your skin will be changed with those simple rules.

Also, regular facials make you not going to a dermatologist, a psychologist. Facial is not just a treatment for your skin but also time for relaxation, stress-free, peace of mind and meditation.

Start to keep your beauty with Oasis, today.! Fast and Easy, Gorgeous skin in a few weeks!

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