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The Most Important Thing in Skin Care

What do you think the most important thing is skincare?

Expensive treatments or products? Applying many cosmetics every day?

It may help you to keep your skin beautiful but without right cleansing, how skin absorbs those ingredients?

I can say the most important thing in skincare is right cleansing.

Our skin is always tired of residue of make-up, attacking of fine dust from outside, even inside also. If you do not clean dirt in your follicles, your products cannot be effective no matter what how they are good.

So what is the right way to wash your face?

Hands clean

Wash your hands first before cleanse your face.

Eye make-up remover.

If you don't remove your eye make-up completely, it makes dark circle or hyper-pigmentation.

Also, harmful ingredients have a bad influence on your eyes.

Lukewarm water.

Some people wash their face using with hot and cold water to make their skin firm, but it makes your skin sensitive.

Gentle, Detailed, Fast

Wash your face very gentle, every nook and corner for 1~2 minutes. If you wash your fast for a long time, residue of make-up or waste may irritate your skin. Light massage can help blood circulation.

Morning and night

Many people who have acne or oily skin wash their face many times, it makes skin irritated or sensitive. Perform morning and night, you may wash your face twice per session after having heavy make-up or big house cleaning.

Different kinds of cleanser

It's okay to use one kind of cleanser if your skin condition is good, however I recommend using different kinds of cleanser such as glycolic or salicylic cleanser with normal cleanser if you have acne skin or want deep cleansing.

Soft towel

Some people believe that leaving water after wash helps moisturizing but actually it takes moisture out from your skin when it dry. Pat dry with a soft towel after washing your face.


Applying toner is the last step of cleansing. You will still see dirt after washing your face, even though you wash twice. Apply toner and wipe out with cotton pads then your cleansing is completely done!

Do not forget.

The best way to keep your skin beautiful and healthy is consistency!

Start to keep your beauty with Oasis, today. Fast and Easy, Gorgeous skin in a few weeks!

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