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Why You Should Apply Sunscreen Everyday?

Do you know the principal of aging is ultraviolet rays?

I see many customers fail to notice how important of applying sunscreen and even people who're applying sunscreen do not know right way how to apply it.

If you don't use sunscreen every day especially under the strong California's sunlight, it makes hyper pigmentation and accelerates aging also.

Then how should we use sunscreen well?

1. Apply SPF15~30, PA++, every 3~4 hours

Most of people think higher SPF(Sun Protection Factor, UV-B) such as SPF50 is better than lower one, but that's not true. SPF15, SPF30, SPF50 has almost same block rate but different duration.

You can calculate as SPF1=15min. (SPF15= 3 hours 45 min, SPF30= 7 hours)

* PA(Protection grade of UVA) - Plus(+) means it blocks 2~4 times than nothing applied.

++ means 4~8 times block, +++ means over 8 times block.

2. Apply every day, no matter where you stay, how weather is.

UV-A penetrates windshield, curtain and has a negative impact on skin, also if you can read newspaper without lights, there is UV. Therefore, you should apply it daily.

3. Apply thick or enough amount.

Many people apply products a lot for their skin, but they apply very small amount of sunscreen. You should use at least two knots of index finger or amount of quarter size, especially on forehead, cheekbone, nose.

4. Apply your neck, too.

Neck is very delicate more than face and hard to reduce wrinkles on it. If you want to keep good looking, you should apply sunscreen on your neck.

5. Use separately with foundation or BB cream.

If you apply foundation as much as quarter size, you will be a actress of Beijing opera.

6. Do not use spray type for your face.

You may inhale harmful ingredients, it has a negative impact on your lung.

Do not forget. The best way to keep your skin beautiful and healthy is consistency!

If you use sunscreen every day, you can prevent photo aging, hyper-pigmentation, photo spots and even skin cancer.

Start to keep your beauty with Oasis, today. Fast and Easy, Gorgeous skin in a few weeks!

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