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Still Applying Collagen?

People who are interested in skincare know collagen is good for skin, anti-aging.

That's right, because collagen is a kind of protein which consists of 75~80% of the skin layer and it plays an important role in moisturizing and firming.

What if collagen is falling short?

Collagen starts to be decreased from twenty and it is down by half in forty, you will see wrinkles and sagging skin.

That's why people buy and apply collagen products for filling up collagen, however it's wasting of your money.

Collagen cannot penetrate into your skin because the molecules are too large.

It is not true that collagen products are effective for reducing wrinkles or firming skin.

However, those products is good for moisturizing. It cannot be absorbed but stays on top of your skin and helps moisturizing.

If you take collagen, it decomposes amino acid in the small intestine, it is same as taking eggs or milk which contains protein.

Also, none have been proven that decomposed amino acid is used for composing collagen.

So how do we increase collagen for our skin?

1. Take food antioxidant and proper exercise.

2. Be careful of heat

If you're exposed sun or sauna for a long time, your skin temperature goes up to over 104ºF.

Your collagen can be disassembled more easier and faster at this moment.

3. Apply Vitamin A & C

Vitamin A & C can help to build up new collagen.

4. Apply sunscreen

Collagen is destroyed easily when your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays.

What kind of products are you going to choose for your skin?

Start to keep your beauty with Oasis, today. Fast and Easy, Gorgeous skin in a few weeks!

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