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Do You Want Clean Back?

Are you still covering your back all the time?

Clean back is pride of women like beautiful skin, especially in California or U.S, because we have a lot of chances to have fun in the swimming pool or attend parties with beautiful dress.

Usually, back acne is much bigger than face acne and if you have it once, it goes for a long time. So nobody wants to have it.

Back is much more sebaceous and easy to be produced dead skin cell than face, because it's hard to reach to clean. Therefore it is very good condition for getting acne and there are many people who have messy back.

Many people perform extraction for back acne by themselves harder than face, because they think back skin is thicker, however you never perform extraction by yourself, especially on your back.

If you scratch or get wounded during extraction, back acne will be much more bigger and red because collagen fiber is formed too much. Even if back acne's gone, you will have messy back with spots and hyperpigmentation.

The most important thing for beautiful back is cleanliness.

If you leave residue on your back after shower such as body cleanser, shampoo and rinse, it will cause back acne.

Also, it is important to apply right product for your body, like skincare.

Taking a lower-body bath is good, 2~3 times a week. Sweating with lower-body bath is good for circulation and discharging waste from the body.

Right posture helps maintain beautiful back skin. If you have a big krunkle on your back or shoulder, it blocks circulation and you will have irritation on your back and face also.

Are you ready to go out with your beautiful back?

Start to keep your beauty with OASIS, today. Fast and Easy, Gorgeous skin in a few weeks!

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