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2016 Member of National Team for Skin Care!

Are you having a good time with watching Olympic games?

I'm excited everyday with many events and such a beautiful, funny, sad and phenomenal moments.

Following up these moments and excitement, I want to introduce you OASIS representatives for skin care, check this out!




Typical cosmeceutical brand in Korea which is specialized in anti-acne, anti-sensitive products.

Tea Tree Essence: Formulated with 90% of Tea Tree extract of the entire formula, this serum works for sensitive and irritated skin. This product also contains Trehalose which is strong moisturizing ingredient, Sea Buckthorn extract and Centella Asiatica which helps to even skin tone and make visibly radiant skin texture with sebum care.

Tea Tree Cream: Formulated with 80% Tea Tree extract of entire formula, this cream works for sensitive and irritated skin with light texture and strong hydration for all day long. Natural lime and tea tree scent will make as well as your skin and feeling refresh.

Vital CC Cream: This product is multi cream for skin care and make up at the same time. It soothes irritated skin and contains vitamin tree extract which has vitamin 800 times more than apple, so excellent for brightening also.


Medical skin care brand in Korea which provides complete skin care solutions to dermatologist, plastic surgeons and med-spas. This company consists of patented Cell Membrane Structure, which accelerates the skin recovery.

Laser Sunscreen: This 2016 Korean beauty award winning product of the first half year protects stressed skin damaged by the external environment with the golden ratio of inorganic and organic UV filters. Over 4000 dermatology clinics in Korea are carrying, particularly for sensitive skin. It soothes irritated skin with no whiteness or sticky.



Family owned USA manufacturer that produce anti-acne to anti-aging

products using natural active ingredients without any harmful ingredients.

Pure Hydration Serum: This industry leading of pure hyaluronic acid serum carrys as much as 1000 times its weight in moisture to the skin and fill out sagging areas, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and ultimately results in plumper, younger-looking skin.

Salicylic Glycolic Gel: It has maximum power to keep follicles clear and effective bacterial control against P. acnes and other undesirable bacteria and their acne promoting lipases.

Inhibiting Gel: It is for severe acne with the very fast results. The lactic acid helps exfoliate but is gentle enough for sensitive skin.



Products are formulated for maximum effectiveness of vitamins and peptides for that are awarded the Swiss Vitamin Institute logo.

AVST range: The AVST Gel and Creams have been endorsed by the Swiss Vitamin Institute. AVST Gel is excellent for soothing, cooling and moisturizing with providing balance of vitamin A, C and E effectively. AVST 1~5 is step up vitamin care solution that provides powerful antioxidants with stable vitamins and peptides for photo-damaged skin or hyperpigmentation.



No.1 luxury skin care brand in Europe, founded in France over 40 years ago.

Hydra Sensitive: This cream soothes skin, reduces redness and irritation, and rebuilds the skin's natural defenses. The cream's hypoallergenic formula quickly relieves any irritation.

Long-Lasting Moisturizing Cream: This powerful moisturizer rehydrates and helps the skin retain moisture with hydrocyte complex which intensely moisturizes the skin and Vitamin E.

Why don't you start skin care with our representatives for your beautiful skin?

Start to keep your beauty with OASIS, today. Fast and Easy, Gorgeous skin in a few weeks!

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